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About Gyeongju
Gyeongju is a world-class historical and cultural city with the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Korea and is also called "the museum without a roof."

As the ancient capital of the Silla dynasty, the city is the birthplace of national culture where splendid culture and history remain alive, and the entire city is home to numerous historical sites and cultural properties that constitute an open air museum. In particular, Bulguksa Temple, Seokguram Grotto, Gyeongju Historic Areas, and Yangdong Village are UNESCO-designated world heritage sites where you can experience the very best of Korean beauty by exquisitely harmonizing artistry, science and technology, and the Korean spirit.

Meanwhile, with the construction of a historical and cultural city hub and the promotion of three national projects, Gyeongju is developing into a high-tech science city that opens up the future as well showcases its status as a historical and cultural tourism city.