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Charter of Asian Credit Supplementation Institution Confederation (ACSIC)
  • Article 1 (Name)
    This confederation shall be named Asian Credit Supplementation Institution Confederation (hereinafter referred to as “ACSIC”)
  • Article 2 (Objective)
    The objective of ACSIC is to promote the sound development of the credit supplementation system for small business in the countries including regions (hereinafter referred to as “countries”) of Asia excluding areas to the west and north of Pakistan (hereinafter referred to as “Asia”) through exchange of information, discussions and interchange of personnel among small business credit supplementation institutions (hereinafter referred to as “institution(s)”) in Asia.
  • Article 3 (Activities)
    To achieve the objectives set forth in the preceding article, ACSIC shall conduct the following activities:
    1. Holding meetings for information exchange and discussions for the benefit of institutions.
    2. Other activities necessary to achieve the objectives set forth in the preceding article.
  • Article 4 (Eligibility for Participation)
    Institutions in Asia shall be eligible for participation in ACSIC.
  • Article 5 (Meetings)
    1. Meeting referred to in Article 3 Item 1 (hereinafter referred to simply as “meeting(s)”) shall be held at regular intervals at venues rotating among the countries to which institutions belong, unless otherwise decided.
    2. The institution sponsoring each meeting (hereinafter referred to as “sponsor”) shall convene, preside over and make all necessary preparations for the meeting.
    3. The sponsor may allow any persons deemed appropriate to participate in the meeting as observers and speakers.
    4. The country of venue, sponsor, and time of the next meeting shall be decided upon at each meeting.
  • Article 6 (Meeting Procedures)
    1. The official language of each meeting shall be English and any other language deemed appropriate by the sponsor.
    2. The chairman of each meeting shall be appointed from among the representatives of the sponsor.
    3. Resolutions at each meeting shall be made by a majority vote of the institutions present, with the chairman casting the deciding vote in the event of a tie.
    4. Voting shall be made by a show of hands or balloting as the chairman deems appropriate.
    5. In voting upon resolutions, as described in the preceding paragraph, if one country should be represented by more than one institution, such institutions shall cast one vote jointly among them.
    6. After each meeting is closed, the sponsor shall prepare the minutes thereof and distribute them to the institutions which took part in the meeting and which are deemed to be interested in ACSIC activities.
  • Article 7 (Expenses)
    A sponsor may ask the prospective participants of the meeting to share the necessary costs of holding the meeting.
  • Article 8 (Amendment to the Charter)
    The charter shall be amended by a two-thirds majority at the meeting attended by at least half of the countries to which the institutions eligible for participating belong.